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Jewellery care

Care guide

Please be sure to properly clean, polished and store your jewelry for long-lasting wear. Many of our materials are delicate in nature and should be worn with care.




-Protect your jewellery by individually storing each piece in a pouch or soft material to help avoid breakage, scratching or tangling. Always pack your jewelry with care.

Protect them by avoiding extreme temperatures, constant banging, scratches and harsh chemicals to minimize damage or wear. Care should always be taken when wearing delicate materials and gold plated jewellery.

Cleaning Your gold Plated Jewellery:

-Our Gold plated jewellery are high quality and hypoallergenic. even though so, it will still get dirty or even tarnish if not been care properly.

We recommend removing your jewellery when bathing in freshwater, sea water and chlorinated water. Avoid spraying perfumes, applying cosmetics or lotion directly to the Jewellery. 


14k,18k,24k Gold plated;

Gold plated jewellery are made by using chemical or electrical to bond a thin layer of gold over a metal.

gold plated wont break easily nor does it tarnish as fast as any cheaper alternation.

But gold plated will tarnish if its not being taken care of properly.
therefore, to always avoid bringing it to shower, exercise and exposing it to extreme temperature.

Always clean your jewellery to keep its appearance clean, avoid tarnish and also you'll feel comfortable for the next wear.

Gold filled;

Gold filled jewellery are tarnish free and high quality eventhough it is indeed rust proof we still need to constantly clean it so it won't look "dirty".

gold filled are different from gold plated it is more sturdy and it is made by heat and pressure bonding with 18k gold plated to a sterling silver.

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Payment Methods

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